What would you do if you were a gladiator?

Hong Kong
July 17, 2011 8:36am CST
Gladiator of Rome - What would you do if you were a gladiator in this place ?
I always enjoy the movie "Gladiator" since it was a good movie. However, I do have some thought about this movie. The gladiator were slaves who who had no freedom, at all and always need to fight until death. I don't think a normal person would never enjoy a life of being killed or killing others who sometimes has never seen before nor any hatred between that so called "enemy"(someone whose forced to do the same like all the gladiators do )If you were a gladiator at that ancient times such as the Roman era,what do you think you would do ? Keep on killing for survival? Try to escape? Gether a group of gladiators silently and try to rebel the Romans? Share with us.