What is "life" exactly; what is our purpose and point in being here.

United States
July 21, 2011 7:38am CST
I understand that maybe I will never really now, but I think there has to be something, it's been beating me up for days. We all have a purpose, we have to, but what is Societies purpose, in general?
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@chhetp1 (469)
• India
21 Jul 11
I think baltasartherat has given the most logical answer about What is life exactly. There are millions of people around the globe with millions of sentiments, philosophies and millions of ways of looking around the universe. I think it comes to each individual to find his her purpose in the life. For me, it came quite late recently when I realize that my family was breaking apart. That's when I felt like loosing the job and working out the solution would be much more meaningful. Then there were fears of finances. Yet, I did what I believed was my purpose, although just a small one. I made the ultimate sacrifice and today after 1 year staying at home, talking to all the family members, and bringing the love and understanding among each other. Now, I think my work is done here and will explore outside for more purposes in life. I would say the purpose may not possibly be vast, but it will make difference.
@MandaLee (3738)
• United States
21 Jul 11
I think my purpose is to share God's love with others by using what He has blessed me with to make a difference in this world for Him. I believe that He has a very wonderful and specific purpose for all of our lives.
• United States
21 Jul 11
I think society's purpose is man made. The need for survival created clusters of people early on, and the fear of lonliness and need for acceptance has driven it further. This is a very different thing from the purpose of life in general. You may get a million different answers, including the one above that claims to "just live" and not be philosophical. But that is, in itself, a philosophy: the belief that we are just meant to survive with no greater goal or meaning. I prefer a purpose that would help explain mankind's need for adventure and progress: one that is not so defeatist. I believe our purpose is not just "to live" but to have experiences and seek knowledge that adds to the grand sum of the Universe's knowledge. In my theory, "God", the Sentient Universe, lives vicariously through all of us. Definitely All-seeing, but far from All-knowing, this Sentient Universe continues to ask the main question of sentience: "What Am I? By dividing itself into the myriad of components that eventually formed us, It continues to search for that answer. Good Luck on your quest for answers.
@SynDash (133)
• Lithuania
21 Jul 11
What is life: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life I don't believe in philosophy, I just live.