I want sucsess

July 21, 2011 10:42pm CST
I wish I become sucssec man. I want have a good job to earn more money to buy a house and car and everythings,. I tried to learn well. What is your dream?
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@gidz0518 (194)
• Philippines
22 Jul 11
Hi there. My dream is same as yours, to become successful. I want to work in a job with a very high salary. Then I will buy a big house for my family and a very luxury car. I will also have some vacation from different country around the world. I will buy all I want and be happy.
• Vietnam
22 Jul 11
I want to go around the world, too. good look for you.
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
25 Jul 11
Dreams are built so hard, but so easy to kill! High on the heights of the illusions you dreaming, but you and breaks, all your hopes of bouncing wall suffering. When everything around you crumble and collapse into a chasm of tears we alleviated, you want to have lived from the beginning with amputated soul, assuming you even risk not being felt any emotion that you earthquakes any moment of happiness, excitement that causes you to design your dreams just because you are then to brutally cut short, no reason, without explanation ...
@jdex_143 (1094)
• Philippines
23 Jul 11
Hello.. I have many dreams and hopes in life.. I wish to have a business of my own and be successful in it. Someday, I want to have my own family. A happy one. I want to drive my own car and live in my dream house. I hope I can achieve what I wanted. I hope we can all reach our goals. Good luck to us! :)
• Philippines
22 Jul 11
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my dream is almost like as yours,good job,money and buy everything good.Who ever didn't want that?? no one right?? but the thing is if we can really have all of our dreams? don't get me wrong its not far from reality, we can have it, if we have a good job that earns pretty well. Nowadays competition is indeed tough oh well, I've been a bit elaborative about it for we are just talking for our dream. =))
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
22 Jul 11
I am a career-minded person too, and I have been giving priority to my career dreams. Very luckily, I now have a job which I have been dreaming of. I am very happy with it now. I wish you good luck too in your persuit for success. You will definitely succeed if you continue to put effort.
@tkonlinevn (5784)
• Vietnam
22 Jul 11
I wish I can have a small jewelry shop which can feed myself. I can work at the shop and I can have more free time for my family.
@kajal1992 (354)
• India
22 Jul 11
nothing but just wanna be a perfect human being. as naturally if you try hard try your best with your full concentration then indeed you will achieve the success. all the best man. have a good day.