charity begins in.. work??

July 22, 2011 5:57am CST
our work isn't big on giving to charity.. they just don't do it. no one ever seems ready to put their hand in their pocket, and i must admit, i kind of feel the same. we have a barnardo's box.. which is filled with packets of sweets, and each packet is £1.. we buy those a lot! .. we used to have another snack box too, but that actually got taken away because we were always short. people were lifting snacks and not putting the money in.. fair enough some people probably intended to come back when they had a little change, but it never seemed to happen. there are people come in constantly doing sponsored walks, and looking for money, but in all fairness its hard to get round everyone in work to get money from them.. we do give, as a company, a donation to people from other companies we work with, or our clients, or friends of our clients, who are doing sponsored walks, or bungee jumps etc, the company would donate £20, or £30 and just sign it, as the company.. why is it easier to say no to charitys from work.. but yet if someone came to your door, you'd have your wallet out in a flash?
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@Wizzywig (7859)
22 Jul 11
Although there are hundreds of employees on our site, my main contact is with around 35 of them. I recently did a sponsored event and 10 of them gave me £5 each so that wasn't bad. People are much more generous with collections for colleagues tho - leaving gifts/new babies/long illness etc. I suppose its because they can see the money going to an individual that they know rather than into a sort of anonymous fund?? I think if someone knocks at your door, you're kinda cornered & dont want to seem uncharitable but, if no-one sees you NOT giving then no-one thinks any worse of you.
25 Jul 11
yeah, it;s all about who sees you not giving. to be honest, if i could afford to give to charity, i would, but i simply cannot afford to. any spare £1 or £2 usually goes into a fund that pays next months gas bill.. like no joke. i don't even spend money on anything like the lottery to potentionally win some money some day because i simply cannot afford it! it's a terrible way to be these days lol!