what's the best video you've seen in youtube?

@cathloe (184)
July 23, 2011 8:56am CST
hey there! i would like to know your view regarding the best video you've seen in youtube. i was checking out youtube and could not decide what to watch,, so do you have any recommendations? i would be glad to hear from you =)
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@stringer321 (2905)
• Kiryat Ata, Israel
28 Jul 11
at the last 3 weeks , I like the twintalk translated video , it's about the twin babies that talk "da da dada dada..." some one put an incredible translation that fits their body language perfect. They talk about the lost sock , very funny. try "twintalk translated" on the search bar. and there is another good video , made me laugh to the point of tears and stomack pain. it is about babies that taste lemon for the first time. wow their faces are so funny how they suddenly close their eyes , making a sour face. try "lemon baby compilation" on the search bar , you will laugh strong.
@CarlHalling (3629)
• United Kingdom
26 Jul 11
It depends what you want to watch. Music videos? movies? Documentaries? There is so much on You Tube at the moment. Many full-length movies for example. Or documentaries. Or songs without pictures; or videos. You Tube is incredibly vast; it has so much now. Just about anything you want to watch you can see on You Tube. It's like a vast library of audio/visual material.
@axes1986 (35)
• Bulgaria
23 Jul 11
I use this site for music video clips.The most new album of artists I watch there.The quality is perfect,sometimes watch the trailer of the new movies or games,sometimes watch the game trailer or NBA top tens.When I start the PC play the music from this site.For me he is like music or movie player.