Potty trainingreally hard with 3 year old

July 26, 2011 3:09am CST
I have 2 children, boy 3 years and baby girl almost one year. Boy wont even consider going on toilet. He comes to me when he has done something in diapers and says pee or poo and wash..how nice is that, but if i put him potty with baby seat he just screams and do nothing. Sometimes he just goes behind corner and make it in diapers then come out like nothing has ever happened. Sometimes seems he feels ashamed and that's why goes behind corner to do it...is that logical i don't know. Other hand my baby girl who is almost one year is already sitting on small plastic potty and makes everything in there. She notify me by making that kind of pooping sound that now now something is coming, so i just run to potty with her and she make it. Boy doesn't care about it just like its normal to do it in diapers. When boy was smaller he also went kind of sometimes to potty, but now just like he lost it..
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@barehugs (8986)
• Canada
27 Jul 11
The trick now is to pretend you don't care! Dress him in thin cotton underwear, so when he wets he will feel cold and uncomfortable. When he comes to you for a change, explain that you are busy, and tell him to wait for a while. He will soon learn that going on the toilet is much better than being cold, wet, and dirty. Also you can give your girl a treat when she goes, and make sure he knows why she gets a treat and he doesn't.
• Finland
27 Jul 11
Thank you for sure i will try that. I am ready to try anything to make him sit on potty. Seems like he doesn't like wet pants, but i guess i have to be more consistent and just keep trying..
@MsTickle (24978)
• Australia
13 Aug 11
Maybe if you try and keep track of the time that he goes then sit him on the potty and read him a story ...encouraging him to go if he wants to. That will make it a more pleasant experience. If you have a public library handy theyre are probably books to read on the subject. If you put "potty training" in the myLot search engine, you will find a wealth of information.