The Illuminati

@mrdobe (25)
July 28, 2011 4:31am CST
Hello there,I've heard so much talking about this secret society,the illuminati.It has almost become a model saying everything one see it caused by the illuminati.It's this secret society a still existing society all it a group that existed centuries ago n no more existing.And whatz their main aim?HELP
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@enelym001 (8333)
• Philippines
8 Oct 11
I've written an entry on my blog about Illuminati and got some ideas and other text from some resources. my brother has been talking about that a lot and even seeing videos analyzing facts about subliminal messages on the movies we see, music we hear and music videos we watched. it's a little scary if you really think about it.
@mrdobe (25)
• Italy
10 Oct 11
Yeah,really.But what frighten me more is that we don't actually know 100% what is their intent.If one day they should come out with an idea that apparently sounds good people will fall to their order like goats.I think the best thing to do to such group is to not talk so much about it because we make so great talking about it.
@marguicha (100113)
• Chile
15 Oct 11
mrdobe, We tend to talk all the time about things we don´t really know much about. Such think of light talk about politics, religion of any sort, freedom, justice and all that. Or, lighter still, let´s talk about gas price, home prices or even grocery prices. In my ipinion, it is important to talk so that we can learn a bit more. If we do, it will be a bit less scary and we will be able to be less goats and more human beings. I´d love to know about the subliminal messages on the movies etc, so that I won´t fall for them.
@marguicha (100113)
• Chile
15 Oct 11
It would be a good way to start, to check at the web. Internet is usually a good source for learning the basics about things. Then I just heard od a great site if you want to go deeper. It´s a library that belongs to the UN. Check it. There are books that you won´t find elsewhere.
@bobmnu (8160)
• United States
3 Aug 11
I believe that the Illuminati started out as scentist who did not accept the teaching of the Church without question.
@nunezme (43)
31 Jul 11
Illuminati still exist today, they are the Freemasons. For one to know more you have to ask one to become one.
28 Jul 11
if you go onto wikipedia you can read all about it! just go onto, pick your language, and type illuminati into the search bar.. and it'll have everything you need to know. it is actually referenced to in one of the famous tomb raider films :)