do plants ''talk'' ?

Koeln, Germany
@stk40m (1120)
July 28, 2011 1:53pm CST
okay. This rather is a topic for the supernatural / mysteries section. However, the interest ''supernatural'' deals with a TV series and there seems to by no mysteries section (or I'm not able to find it ... mystery!!). So I'll post it here, plz ignore it if you think this topic is just stupid or if you think I'm mad :D so what's it all about. Well, I don't really know but something very strange happened to me yesterday and today. There's a roof below which blackbirds raised their offspring this May. At the time I put some sunflower kernels on the ground for them to eat. It seems that one of those kernels ''survived'' and got into a thin cleft (maybe 5 mm thick) between the bottom plates on the ground which are made of concrete. So it's quite dry there and there's not much nutrients and water a plant could use for survival. Anyway, that sunflower did the impossible and yesterday I found it there. I was about 15 cm in height. As if its unusual ''home'' wasn't incredible enough something came to my mind from ''outside'' when I thought it would be better to put it away from there and replant it into the garden. With outside I mean that what came to mind didn't seem to originate from there. I had the crazy feeling that the plant was talking to me saying: ''if you do that I'll die''. Then I thought, hmm, funny and ''talked back'' to it saying: ''you'll die here anyway if I don't put you elsewhere''. The thing is I've replanted quite a number of sunflowers this year (all planted by the birds) successfully, without any problems and this time it didn't occur to me that it would be different. So I carefully pulled it out by pouring water into the cleft to leave its root undamaged. I immediately put it into the soil, watered it and everything seemed fine. I checked every few hours and this morning everything was still okay. But when at midday I checked again expecting absolutely nothing unusual the plant was dead! The moment I discovered it I had a feeling as if a living being had just gone, I really was shocked for a second or two. So what do I make of that?! Can plants talk to us? Has anyone ever experienced something like that or something similar? With talking I mean of course telepathy here.