Stealing scooter crimes on rise during the summer season

United States
July 30, 2011 3:08am CST
That is one of the weird news to me I read it from the local newspaper in Atlanta. The stealing of scooters crime is on rising, especially during the summer season. Within half of the month, 6 scooter bikes were stolen, from July 16. Some might predict, due to the hot summer time, the gas price on rising, and the parking fee is expensive too. So, some criminals think of nothing else, they would steal a bike or two. Usually, those criminals won't gut the bike and sold the part one by one like a regular automobile; they would rather ride it themselves. I, myself also consider to get a scooter, but my work from my home kind of far away, so I still have to drive a car and pay for the expensive gasoline.
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• Delhi, India
15 Apr 14
not in summer season they are looking for a chance
• Philippines
30 Jul 11
Scooters are also being stolen? I thought bikes are pretty hard to steal already. I think these people should get a life. They should get a job and then use their money to buy their own scooter.
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
30 Jul 11
Yeah. Alot of people need something that is good on gas but they do not have the money to go buy something so they steal other people's stuff. It is not right but the economy is such a mess.
@la_chique (1499)
30 Jul 11
Where I live, teenagers without licenses of their own are the likely culprits, as they like to go for a joyride on them. I think if it was a case of gas, people would be more likely so siphon the gas off instead of stealing an entire vehicle.