education is one thing that liberates us from poverty

July 31, 2011 8:53am CST
What else but education will elevate one from a low economic status.Pursuing education may cost some expenses but if one would pursue it, no matter how hard it is to achieve yet it can still be accomplished.No difficult task is too hard for anyone who is so focused on what one is determined to do.Others may say how can they pursue their education when they have nothing to eat? This is a very shallow reason for anyone who does not value education.I know several people who despite the hardships they have encountered while pursuing their degrees have overcome all those trials and become victorious at the end. Along with their respective diploma, goes also their pride and self-esteem which have elevated not only their status in the society but as well as a descent occupation which give them a good income.
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@diala84 (139)
• United States
31 Jul 11
I believe education is a major component but so is a willingness to learn. A formal education is not always necessary but an interest in knowledge and growth will improve anyone. We need to constantly adapt and grow in order to survive. Those who are close minded and rigid will have much more difficulty when things change in their life.
1 Aug 11
i do agree with you because there are those who may have the resources to spend for their education yet do not have the interest to pursue it though self learning can do who are very much willing to learn and improve themselves.
@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
5 Aug 11
I believe that education is a fantastic way to get out of poverty. It is best to stdy something which is job related in order to begin a working life. Studying is very enjoyable and interesting. It is worth saving as much money as possible in order to one day buy a home to live in. A great way in to buy one home, improve it and then sell it for profit. Then to keep doing that and getting a better house each time. So learning trade like work is ideal for that sort of work. The best things to have in life are good health, happiness and good luck.
@bobmnu (8160)
• United States
3 Aug 11
Education is one thing but learning is something else. During my lifetime I have had to learn several different careers and having the education is not enough you need to be willing to learn the job to be successful. Too many people feel that if they get an education somehow society owes them a job that they like without having to learn new things.