how many still watch "Friends" serial on Star World ?

@aweins (4203)
August 1, 2011 10:22pm CST
i love that serial a lot and i think that i have grown up with that serial. and in my group of friends, everyone use to like that one so at times when we use to sit at one of the friend's place , we never use to miss that. i do not know how they have made that series that it is going on and on and on and people are still liking and enjoying watching it. i am not even bored of anybody's acting, means it is not like that a particular person is very boring, he or she acts in the same way or expresses in the same manner whenever a situation comes or a particular scene is shot. it is so fabulous i just love it and can watch it all the times it is shown as a repeated telecast also . what about you? do you like Friends or some other like that?
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@ellovire (409)
2 Aug 11
I do!! I do!! I am a big fan!! I came across it when I was still in college because there was a group in our class who I heard talking about Friends. They were all enjoying their chat and they enjoyed talking about the episode they watched. I got curious so I asked them and they asked me to watch it, and so that was the first time I learned of Friends. I never failed me! The first time I watched it, I really laughed my heart out! Then I looked forward to watching the next episode, and the next, and the next until I got hooked already! I was REALLY SAD when they announced that they will be ending Friends already. I bought the entire DVD set, and watched it over and over again. Still makes me laugh, and never fails!
2 Aug 11
Love it. My lady and I came across it by chance when she was ill for a while: I went to the local video store and just picked it up randomly as something for her to watch while she was lying in bed feeling awful... and we never stopped watching it. I bought her the 10-season DVD set as a gift last year and she's already on her second run through the entire set. The weird thing is that we always watched it in French (since she's French) - did you know that, apart from the voices obviously being different, the TV editing was different and a lot of the jokes are changed?