Child's questions about ghosts

August 3, 2011 6:48pm CST
My son is growing up, alongside with his milestone it is expected that he raises a lot of questions which sometimes stuns us and blow our mind to secure an answer clear enough to satisfy their curiosity. He asked me about ghosts and the dead coming back on earth. It was somewhat awkward on my part that I couldn't specifically discuss about the topic. In the end, I have to talk about the reality of life, about birth and dying which he thoroughly understood, maybe. :)
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• United States
4 Aug 11
Children have natural curiosity combined with an unlimited imagination, so they do come up with some interesting and very difficult questions for us parents to answer. Sometimes things seem to be only one way for us adults, so we think that there is only "one right answer" to questions. Children are not forced into any particular mindset, though, so their minds are more open to other possibilities and may not understand why we think there is only one answer and why we will not accept that there might be other answers. I think that it is good that children question and are more open. I really try not to limit my children into any one line of thought unless I know for sure that it is right and the only one. Even then, if they are using their imagination and are not harming anyone, then I try to let them be creative, because soon enough they will learn that other people will try to make them think only one way and most often will try to stifle their creative natures.