Do you cook everyday?

@pbbbsra (1214)
August 6, 2011 6:37pm CST
As wives, most of us have the task of cooking for the house. I love to cook for my husband and I love to cook for him his favorite foods. But I admit that there are those days when I feel out of mood and I feel like not cooking. Do you ever feel like that too? What do you in those dayS? Whenever I feel like that, I end up cooking only fast and simple recipes. I don't want to buy from fast food and I still fight that feeling and still cook... Do you cook everyday too?
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• United States
7 Aug 11
indeed i do i love to cook
@CTHanum (8254)
• Malaysia
7 Aug 11
I felt that way when I was in my sister's house. Sometimes I am excited to cook and the rest I just feel not into it. But now I am back to my mom's home and yes, mom cooks the family meal everyday. Sometimes, I prepare some dishes for myself. Back to the days when I need to stay with my sister, yes, I just cook a very fast and simple recipe yet still homemade and healthy..(^^)
@enigma13 (372)
• Philippines
7 Aug 11
I cook daily. Thrice a day actually! I can't blame you for feeling that way sometimes as cooking requires a lot of effort; if you want to make it taste delicious that is. =D I salute you for putting together simple recipes instead of opting for fast food. At least you still gave your best. I haven't experienced that though. I'm in love with cooking. I've been wanting to take up formal lessons in culinary arts but it's not possible due to budget constraints. But if I could, I would love to make a career out of it.
@QeeGood (1214)
• Sweden
7 Aug 11
There are days ,when I like to cook as for others days when I do not. I take advantage of my favorable days being in mood for cooking by doing a big load of meals, which I pack in plastic boxes good for the freezer. Then those lazy days or not have the time for cooking I take out the frozen already prepared meal. Warm it up to eating temperature. It is convenient.
@pumpkinjam (5801)
• United Kingdom
7 Aug 11
Either myself or my partner will cook most days (usually me!) but there are days when I might not feel like it. On those days, I might do something simple or get a take-away, we don't do that very often so I don't mind as an occasional treat. We even have some days when we might just have cold food - that's usually when we've got cold stuff to use up or not much in for cooking. Generally though, we have a cooked meal most days.
7 Aug 11
In our house we always eat home-cooked meal, we can only eat restaurant food when we have extra money to go out especially on end of the month when they got their salary. but if anybody in the house can't cook my mom just buy easy to prepare food or canned food.
@thetis74 (1525)
7 Aug 11
I cook almost everyday. It saves me money and I always like meals that contains plenty of vegetables and that I am a hundred percent sure the food we eat is clean. When I am not in the mood and doesn't want to cook I just open some canned goods. It's not all the time that we like to cook. We need day offs as cooks too. Hehe. We go to fast food chains so seldom and go to some restaurants very seldom to. It is nice to cook and experiment on any recipe. It is good the fill the palate with different kinds and taste of food.