Education, a Right or a Privilege?

@pbbbsra (1214)
August 6, 2011 7:03pm CST
In the present situation of our society, what you think about education? Do you think it is still a right or became a privilege? Education is supposed to be every child's right. But when we look at the society, most of the children are on the street working, or wandering around... our of school... so where is their right? Who is supposed to be blamed for the right not given to them? If it is a right, they should have it ready even before they are born... If it is a right, they should have an option to claim on someone to have it given to them... but nothing changes... These days, education is given only to those who have the means... money. For me, sadly, Education is no longer a right but a privilege. If you don't have the means to pay... then you can't have education.
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@francesca5 (1344)
8 Aug 11
free education should be a right. but i also think that it is also an economic necessity for a country to ensure its children are properly educated. as a country needs a well educated and well trained workforce to compete in the global economy. that sounds a bit cynical buts it also a reality of the modern world. i have a sad feeling that the UK is now turning higher education, in particular, into a privilege, not a right, and if we go in that direction we will regret it in a few years, but what can you do!
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• United States
9 Aug 11
I agree education is necessary to have a competitive workforce and in many cases any workforce. Someone who can't read and write or do basic math is of little use doing any job. I think at some point though, it needs to be a privilege. Though not necessarily afforded through financial opportunity. When education becomes a right, we assume everyone uses that right and hold it as the lowest standard and thus at the lowest value. A person with a high school diploma may have far more knowledge than a college professor would have 100 years ago, yet the value of the education is so low that we now just hand out diplomas since there's really no need to force anyone to work for something their entitled to. College is becoming the same way. A bachelor's degree has little value because they are so readily available and the standards for graduating are diminishing. But if that extended upward and everyone had a right to med school imagine how bad our doctors would become.
9 Aug 11
yes, even though free, it has to remain something that is seen as valuable. so in a way remaining a "privilege", in that the right to it still has to be earnt. but then, on the otherhand, no society wants to deny education to people who would benefit from it, because it is in our interests, economically, for everyone to be educated to the highest standard they can be. interesting problem that!
@thetis74 (1525)
8 Aug 11
I can remember what one Priest said when I went to mass a long time ago. he said that from grade 1 until the child graduates high school, education is a right. But if the parents continue to spend for the child's college education, it becomes a privilege. Because after high school the child needs to be independent. That's what happens in other countries. But here in our country, because jobs are hard to find and when our children can't afford college on their own we still continue to support them through college.
@rawar31 (112)
• Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
8 Aug 11
It is still a right to each human child on the fact of this earth. Many countries and even parents dont act lik this in our modern day and mostly it is because of economic situations, that prevent them from easily sending their children to school. The main focus of these countries and parents is survival in getting cheap labour( in relation to countries) or getting help to make mony( parents). But what people doesnt seem to realize is that education of our children is the only way out of poverty. It is the only sure way to end the cycles of poverty- in every sense of that word. Maybe though if people treated it more like a privilege then more importance would be placed on it and more effort be made to attain it.
@CTHanum (8252)
• Malaysia
7 Aug 11
They tend to be more about profit and money than rights. It is very sad to see such thing happen. Everyone have right to learn and study. Not just for kids but adults as well. But they tend to think about money and they will only serve a good service if one have more money. It is hard to believe but that is the truth. If you don't have money, there will be no school for you..
• Philippines
7 Aug 11
It really seems like right these days. Most schools' policies are if you don't have money, you can't study to their schools. If you don't, then you can go look for something else.
@maximax8 (29148)
• United Kingdom
7 Aug 11
It very much depends which country you are talking about. I can talk about what it is like in my home country and education from 3 years old until 18 years old is free. My disabled son was allowed 15 hours in an early education setting. In September he will be going to primary school and stay there until he is 11 years old. At 11 years old he will go to secondary school. The government of my home country makes education free for all children I am pleased to say. Now university students have to pay for their course and living expenses. Typically they get a student loan. In the past university was free and I got my degree course paid for and got a grant too. Sadly this is not the case in developing countries. There education is a privilage but in my home country it is a right.