Can money buy happiness?

@pbbbsra (1214)
August 7, 2011 3:48pm CST
It does... If we take this positively then we will realize that money buy happiness. As a parent we buy food or maybe a toy for our child. We buy clothes for them t wear. We take them out to their favorite fast food at weekends... Personally, we buy shoes, clothes, food and do vacation... We give a loved one a piece of something from us.. and to do that, we might need a penny or two too.. Most of the things in life that we enjoy are not free.. we eat, we buy things.. I cannot imagine myself seeing the face of a child who wants just a piece of bread and I will not be able to give... Money, if used in a right way buy happiness.. What's your view on this?
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
8 Aug 11
Money ... and again money. "God that all worship is money", Balzac said. He was right because all the money depend on a significant measure of our lives. Can money buy happiness? Probably yes, if happiness consists in all material things that you could get them. And if so, then your money will bring happiness. Unfortunately, money does not buy a sincere hug or a true friend that you understand. But I prefer to be healthy and poorer, than sick with money, admitted to expensive clinics.
• Philippines
8 Aug 11
I depends on how much you view and define happiness - or your needs. I partially agree with you becuase money odes but a lot of comfort and sometimes comfort can bring happiness in a form. However, I don't think money can buy all kinds of happiness and contentment since some of the basis for happiness are not really monetary base. For example, a mother is happy becuase her child is well. In some way, money cannot be considered as a factor in that situation. Money can definitely provide your needs and wants but happiness doesn't stop in those physical needs and wants - it grows and grows until you are finally at peace at yourself and the world around you.
@keihimekawa (2010)
• Philippines
8 Aug 11
I do believe it can. It will depend on the view of the one who will reply though :D I say it can because you buy things you "want" with it. When you buy things you want to buy, you get happy. Even if it would just last only for a while, it did brought you happiness :D
@cripfemme (7718)
• United States
8 Aug 11
As long as we can buy food, pay rent, and clothe ourselves, as well as give ourselves a few little luxuries money can't make anyone happy in my opinion. It can help us get want we need our want, but it won't actually make you happy if you truly won't.
@thetis74 (1525)
8 Aug 11
I think it can in some ways. But true and genuine happiness for me cannot be bought. We may go out, go shopping, buy all the things we want and feel happy about it. But these are all momentary and when it is momentary then their isn't real happiness. How I get to know that it is momentary because after you are satisfied with the spending you get to shop again and spend again and money becomes a tool for happiness. Money is very essential too but when it comes to real happiness like the love and care we give to our family is not bought. And we express many of these things or express our love through giving them all that they need. I hope I am right in this. This is just how I think of it.
@ik4man (628)
• Malaysia
7 Aug 11
Money to people in-need is mean of everything....even love!