Do you go for shopping alone ?

@aweins (4203)
August 16, 2011 5:55am CST
I love to go for shopping and i never had any problem gong alone. i had done maximum shopping alone . now i do not go for any shopping. my budget is a bit tight now a days so i avoid going for shopping and all. i go for window shopping sometime but... how do you like to go , alone or with your partner or some friend?
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@olliekobra1 (1826)
2 Jun 12
i dont shop alone but my partner does as i hate shopping and cant be bothered to go she loves shopping and i hate it so its better that she goes alone.
@chrislotz (8203)
• Canada
3 Sep 11
I rarely go shopping alone, just works out that way. I don't mind going alone, just that when I go usually someone else wants to go anyways so we go together. Or my daughter and I live together and we work together so we will go shopping on our way home from work, so therefore I'm not alone shopping. I really prefer to shop with someone if I am shopping for something special, like a new dress for a special occassion, because I like to have someone's opinion about what I am going to buy. I am an indesisive shopper and I need another opinion. Cheers and have a good day my friend, Chris
@SIMPLYD (81357)
• Philippines
27 Aug 11
I like doing shopping for myself alone. That way, i can go around the mall to canvass for prettier but cheaper version of what i will be buying. I don't have to be bothered by my companion who can complain that it takes me years before i am done with choosing what i have to buy.
@moneywinner (1866)
• Brazil
27 Aug 11
Usually, I go shopping with my mom or my sister. But, sometimes, when I'm stressed, I go to the mall alone, because I live alone, so, I can't wait to my mom or my sister. It's amazing how I always feel better after buying new clothes!
@blue65packer (11835)
• United States
26 Aug 11
I do all my shopping myself. No matter if it is grocery or other shopping. I do it alone. I hate shopping! I pretty much have all my life! I don't even like to go shopping with other people! I just hate it! I hate shopping for clothes which can get depressing! With grociers and other supplies,like shampoo,That is depressing,too! I always end up spending more money then planned! It also doesn't help so many items, prices have gone up! GR! Shopping is really not a fun thing for me!
@aeiou78 (3457)
• Malaysia
24 Aug 11
All the while, i like to go shopping alone. If I go shopping alone, I shall not be in the rush to shop. During my shopping, I mostly look for IT products, Electrical Appliances and some other needs during my daily living. I really enjoy to find out the latest trend of the technology and the related price in the market. If I go with my family or my so other friends, they might not interest in those products. As last, I shall be urged to leave as soon as possible.
@dodo19 (33316)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
20 Aug 11
Like you, I love going shopping alone, and I've never had a problem going alone. I honestly prefer going shopping by myself. I don't mind shopping someone else. I'm okay with it, but I just prefer with shopping alone. It's just a preference that I've always had, for one reason or another.
• United Kingdom
19 Aug 11
Yes, I always shop alone now! Actually I do all my shopping online so in theory I'm always shopping alone and I'm ok with this. I cannot rememember the time when I actually took a walk down my local high street in order to buy something. I'm not that keen on the idea of window shopping and I actually do this online anyway by searching the different shopping websites, it's the same kind of thing in a way. There's great therapy to be had in shopping but only if you have the money to spend. I don't have much in the way of money but I still like to have a good browse online. Andrew
@veedee13 (242)
• United States
19 Aug 11
Well i go with people but most of the time i go my separate way because i want to be able to choose the clothes i want without anoybody else's opinion.It's good to shop alone sometimes.
@sheetalnr (590)
• India
19 Aug 11
I hate shopping alone. For me, i need to go out with friends or family.
@cerebellum (3871)
• United States
17 Aug 11
I hate to shop! When I have to I usually go alone. I have went with friends before, and it seems to take longer. When I am alone I can just get what I want and leave. If someone is with me there might be something they need or want to look at and I am ready to leave!
@ladygator (3469)
• United States
17 Aug 11
I guess it depends on the task. Grocery shopping I would like to go with my husband. But usually its just for a few things. He does the main shopping, unless I order online. But I dont really mind bringing someone along, But I do prefer to shop alone. I like the peaceful place it puts me in. But window shopping or even book shopping is fun to be with a friend since that will usually include a tea or snack stop and its better to enjoy that with a friend!!!
@sais06 (1288)
• Philippines
17 Aug 11
Most the time, I just go shopping alone and actually prefer it. What I don’t like with being someone while shopping is that he/she will probably disagree with what you want. There were also times that they’ll go elsewhere and of course you just can’t leave but go with them which makes your shopping moment put to a halt. I can manage my time effectively whenever I go alone because there’s nobody that's bothering you. I would just bring someone with me if I'm undecided what to buy.
@beingwell (3625)
• Thailand
17 Aug 11
Hi aweins! I shop alone. I enjoy shopping even if I'm by myself. I don't really need others to tell me whether a shoe or a pants fit me well or not. I'm very comfortable spending money all by myself.hahaha! But, I enjoy window shopping with my hubby very much. hihihi...
@alottodo (3061)
• Australia
17 Aug 11
I like to shop on my own either for groceries or clothes I feel free and I have all the time I need...if I go window shopping I like to go with a friend but on those occasions I seldom buy any thing.
@derek_a (10902)
17 Aug 11
Yes, I prefer to go shopping alone when I am wanting to buy something, as I tend to know what I want, go to the right store, pick up what I want and get away from it. I also like to go early in the morning, when there are not too many people milling around the town. _Derek
• Philippines
17 Aug 11
Hi. I like shopping with friends but I also enjoy shopping alone. As long as I have to money to shop, I'm happy. Lol.
@jricky1 (6808)
• China
17 Aug 11
To be quite honest,i like go shopping alone,it's fast and i can get what i want,although it would be great if we have partners and they could choose for us,but sometimes it's kind of waste time,anyway,it's ok for me if i'm alone.
17 Aug 11
hi:) I prefer to go shopping with my family or friends, I'm shy to go alone and look for hours around to look for stuff, and I also need their opinion if that thing I'm going to buy is good or looks nice on me, I'm not good in being alone, I always want someone on my side to say their opinion. but I envy you because you're so independent regarding shopping, I hope I'll be like that also so even when they don't want to go I can go on my own, I hope.
@xuyxuy (435)
• Philippines
17 Aug 11
Before when I was still working and got salary every month, I love to go shopping. It doesn't matter if I'm going alone. I can go to all shops and have lots of time looking for the best if I am alone.