Half Mast on 8/17: Did I miss something?

United States
August 19, 2011 9:13am CST
I was away from my computer 2 days ago and do not usually go out of my way to get new news when I'm "unplugged", so I was surprised to see flags at half mast at and around the Ohio Historical Society (which was my hidout for the day). Later I forgot all about it and still haven't found a good reason. One person suggested it was for Elvis' death day. Could this be right? Are we still collectively so in mourning over a spoiled rich singer that alot of people think it's a good idea to lower the flag? Every time I see the flag half mast my heart sinks because I fear some dark event has befallen our soldiers or the world in general. Did I miss something in the news? Whether I did or not, is it appropriate to lower the flag for Elvis? Even if it would have been a nice gesture the day he died, does it make sense to do so every anniversary of something so politicaly unimportant?
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@francesca5 (1344)
19 Aug 11
hello balthasar, i see no option here but that next time you are at the ohio historical society, you are going to have ask them.
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19 Aug 11
It was at full mast when I went in but one across the street was down. I didn't think to ask when I went in and forgot about it shortly after I left again. I was hoping something on the radio might tell me, but that didn't pan out so I leave it to the intelligentsia of myLot to solve for me!