does dream convey a message?

August 23, 2011 8:53am CST
Sigmund Freud tried to interpret dream. He said it conveys a strong message as to what lies ahead and into our future. Many times our dreams come true miraculously .I have a pdf file that says what each dream mean.Can mylotters throw light on what dreams mean to them and if any of their dreams have come true.
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@daliaj (5689)
• India
4 Sep 11
I don't believe dreams convey any kind of message. I used to think that dreams convey messages. I know the story in bible that conveyed a big message to a king and a god's prophet explained the meaning of the dream to the king, which made the king knew about a big famine that was going to happen in the future. The dream made the king save his country by saving up a lot of food for the famine period. I wish some of the dreams would come true and some would never happen. Hello, my fried, don't live any more in dreams. Everybody has to face the real world.
@derek_a (10902)
24 Aug 11
As a therapist I have worked with people's dreams in workshop, and one thing we discovered was that each dream had a meaning to each person, and not all of them mean anything profound at all. However, every now and again we would come across dreams that seemed to predict the future. These were fascinating but could always be explained in rational terms. That is, the dreamer could easily predict the possible outcome of something and didn't need to look deep into dreams to do that. Mostly the dreams were showing "unfinished business" that the dreamer was not conscoius of, and by working on the dream, he/she could find a way to resolve the situation and put it to rest.. All in all, a fascinating subject, and whilst I don't believe Freud was right about everything in dreams, it was him who was responsible for making us take dreams more seriously. _Derek
• India
23 Aug 11
I think so, I have opened a discussion about same dream that I have been experiencing many times and sometimes I feel like this dream has already been lived by me. may be dreams convey some message but not able to convert them. Thanks for sharing.
@ravisivan (14053)
• India
23 Aug 11
preethaanju: Dreams -- I use to have tough dream after watching horror movie or movies in which there comes some fire, riot etc. Dream -- many times I use to dream about writing tamil exam in +2 which I wrote some four decades ago. Dream -- sometimes future happenings may tell us that we have dreamt similar fashion.