food it good or bad for our bodies?

@mammots (3271)
August 24, 2011 10:53am CST
i just recently attended a seminar that discussed the benefits of taking food supplements to our bodies and i learned that most commonly found food supplements that can be bought at any drug stores contains binders or coagulants that are not absorbed well by our internal organs like most particularly our liver and kidneys. they do more harm than good. is it safe to take all these food supplements like vitamin c, calcium, multivitamins and minerals,etc...?
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@Harmonics (251)
• Philippines
29 Aug 11
That would depend on many factors. There are food supplements that indeed help our body, nourishes it by providing the essential nutrients it needs. Most of these are derived from natural foods and then made into a capsule or tablet form. However, it is also interesting to note that before these supplements took the form they are, it undergone many processes and sometimes these processes can affect the potency or effectivity of it. Furthermore, there are also certain supplements that produce and adverse effect in the body when taken in at the same with a synthetic medicine so one must be considering this before taking a supplemental products as it may do more harm than good. The bottomline is, natural diet consisting mostly of fruit and vegetables is the best way to get optimum nutrients essential for the body.
@peavey (16866)
• United States
25 Aug 11
I'm curious... was this seminar offering a product without binders or coagulants that don't absorb well? If not, what was their point? If so, they might have been just hawking their line by degrading anything else. So many doctors and nutritionists recommend supplements to offset our poor diets that I seriously question that they are actually harmful, and I'm usually suspicious! If we eat good food, and by that, I mean organic and local, then supplements may not do us much good, but most of us don't eat that way and our food sources are not as healthy as they were just a decade ago.
• Japan
24 Aug 11
Well, it's completely safe to my knowledge to consume supplements. However, I would recommend taking the vitamins and minerals you need right from foods that you eat. You need fiber and water to help absorb your vitamins and minerals.