shall i be able to get money out of these two sites?

@Manasha (2317)
Pondicherry, India
August 26, 2011 10:11am CST
Yep i came across two sites while i was searching internet. The first site is iWriter and the second one is warriorforumsupport . The first site is article writing site and the other one is ptp site. The two sites are new for me. Hence i wish your opinions on these two sites to cope with my earnings. Shall continue these sites for my earnings. Any idea?
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26 Aug 11
The first one is too new to know for sure yet - it's been around for just over a month. The guy who runs it is well-known for money-making schemes (he owns over 50 domains) but not as a scammer, which is reassuring. The site itself markets itself as a cheap article source: since they're taking job requests for on-demand work and slicing a cut off the top (and all the Paypal fees), the site's likely to be legit but very bad pay. The guy running it obviously considers it profitable for him or he wouldn't be doing it (he's no fool). The people using it to get content will get cheap articles. The people who suffer will be the writers: e.g. $2.50 article, minus the 2.9% (7.25c) + $0.30 Paypal fees = $2.13 minus the site's 10% cut = $1.91 for a standard article (assuming 300-400 words). Of course, taking into account that the Paypal charge is per-payment (not article), you're looking at about $2 for 400 words (a figure which also matches the amount paid and amount done on the home page). Not worth it, in my opinion, but if you think that's reasonable pay, fine. I also have a major concern about the "your article is sent to the client and they approve or reject it". That sounds pretty easy to reject, keep the content and not pay the writer. I wonder how issues like that are resolved and there's no info in the FAQ. My first guess would be "feedback", which doesn't work against employers (they change email address, re-register and carry on) but does work against writers (who require feedback to land ongoing work). Again, imbalance against the writers. The second site is just a forum, part of the Warrior forum where people post online earning opportunities (read: spam and GRQ schemes with occasional flashes of brilliance).
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@waflay (2727)
• Nairobi, Kenya
26 Aug 11
Even though I'm not a starter of this discussion I have benefited from you well elaborate answer. I have seen sites like iWriter and I have registered in one of them- iReports. The sites claims to have writer do research on various topics and write reports which are later sold to university students. Would you mind do a review on iReports too?
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• United States
16 Sep 11
I work on a couple of writing sites that I really enjoy using and learning and earning on them. I have not heard of either of these before. But from what they are saying, one of them is pretty new and you really can't judge them as god right now until they have been up for a while and you have testimonies that they are gonna make it, be legit and payup. Good luck on your writing.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
27 Aug 11
I had joined a number of online writing sites, but the one you mentioned is very new to me. I have not heard about it till now. There are of course new sites coming up on the internet all the time. One has to make sure that they are legit before joining and spending the time.
• India
26 Aug 11
I recently went through a PTP forum. He was paying 6 cents for a reply and 8 cents for a thread. Too good to be true. I made a fool out of myself joining it. It turned out scam in no time. Though Admin says his account is limited by paypal. It is good that you looking for reviews before joining a program. I am sure some one will have an idea. Cannot comment on Iwriter. Happy Mylotting :)