Do you have someone you can "trade" clothes with?

@maezee (33011)
United States
August 26, 2011 7:20pm CST
Occasionally me and my sister do this just to "freshen" up our work or going out looks. Since we don't run in the same circles at work or in our social life (unless we are hanging out), no one will really know that we're "trading" clothes - unless they see pictures of us wearing the same thing. We are generally about the same size (I'm probably 10 pounds heavier GRR) but we fit in most of each other's clothes and have similar tastes. It's kind of interesting. In high school I did the same thing with one of my friends, and we would trade hoodies just for fun and to wear something different for a change (we went to different schools so no one really knew!) Do you have someone you do this with?
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@GemmaR (8526)
3 Sep 11
When I was younger and in my teens, I could share clothes with my Mum because we were a similar size even though I weighed a lot more than her. Now, I have started to lose weight, and I can't share clothes with her anymore because I'm a full size smaller than her and her clothes are far too big for me now because of that. I think it's a good thing in general because we've both been able to change our style a little bit and get some clothes of our own rather than sharing them as we had done in the past.
@SIMPLYD (81588)
• Philippines
27 Aug 11
My siblings and i always do that when we were in College. The problem though, is when i have to wear the shirt for school, it will not be in my closet anymore, but in the hamper already, because it was worn by one of my sisters.
• United States
27 Aug 11
My sister gives me her unwanted clothes. I use them and love it. She has different taste in clothes from me so it gives me a brand new look. People gave me plenty of compliments this summer.
@SydneyJ (903)
• United States
27 Aug 11
From time to time me and my bestfriend trrade clothes , we're the same size and very close with the kinds of clothes so it works well.