Did you watch yesterday's game? Man U (8) vsArsenal (2) (2011/08/28)

United States
August 29, 2011 1:52am CST
The game is really dooming Arsenal and it's fans as I am one of them. The game started with a bad squad because a lot of the player just got injured. Some player on the field are not experienced with such a tough opponent. The defenses was totally unexpectedly worse, and Van Persie on the forward did not get a lot of shooting chances. Andrei Arshavin did a lot in the game, but without success. When the score adds up when the games playing, I was so frustrated that I just wanna quite watching it, I wanna show my support to Arsenal, but the team let me down. The manager, Wenger, have not yet announced what players he's getting from the transfer market, and it's closing soon. I am a bit worry about the squad. The question is, how did you feel last night when you were watching the game? Arsenal fans. And, what do you think of Van Persie being the new Captain?
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@ram_cv (16516)
• India
21 Sep 11
I saw the whole match and as a Arsenal fan was gut wrenched. The defense was completely woeful. But overall the spirit in the team seemed to be very low with the players not really up for such a big game!! It was really a matter of men vs. the boys. Some of the goof ups were very elemental. Man U was playing with so much pace, that there was no way the high line that the defense was playing was going to work out, but they kept doing it and kept paying for it!! Cheers! Ram
• China
29 Aug 11
Yes, of course I had watched it. As a neutral, I think the game is really wonderful, but it's not two teams' real gap. We know that there are a lot of players injured in Arsenal, it's really hard for Wenger to make a proper line-up. I think the biggest problem for Arsenal is that they don't have good center backs juging by this game. That two center backs of Asenal are really amateur. So if Asenal buys some good center backs, the score may be not so big. However, I emphasize that the FC Barcelona is the strongest football team in the world. LOL.