Passion as a child

@glaiz_9 (366)
August 30, 2011 5:15am CST
When I got older, it became very hard for me to see where my passion really lies.. Until I get a clue in a book I was reading before how much kids can be un-influenced by people's culture. So if it's really like that then that means.. I only have to look back to when I was a child and think back what I enjoyed the most when I was a child.. And in the process, I realized that aside from playing outdoor games, as a kid I really like writing then. I actually started writing when I was only in the third year of my elementary years. And my cousins and friends are my critics and they always say how good I am as a writer. But when I got into college and started working that passion is forgotten, I don't write much as before especially if you're course is not related to writing at all. Yeah, I write.. But I write computer programs not about people's feeling and what they see and how they live in their world. How about you? as a child what is your passion?
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@soulist (2987)
• United States
30 Aug 11
When I was younger my passion was writing. I used to write little short stories to read to my classmates and tried to make little books that they could read for reading hour or whatever it was called. I love playing with my brother different games that we created like the goofballs we were. I also loved drawing, but I never went too far with it or even trying to get better, i did once but didn't follow through with it.
@glaiz_9 (366)
• Philippines
1 Sep 11
So you didn't try to write anymore?