Love hurts!

United States
September 1, 2011 12:18am CST
Love hurts is not just a song, it rings true. When you open yourself up to get close to someone, that's when you are vulnerable. It's amazing how many times someone can get hurt and come back and do it all over again. My friend gets into this problem too much. What should they do? They try to take it slow and then they get hurt which leads to a closed mind and sometimes becoming really closed up to others around them. How can they love again, when love hurts?
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@gapeach65 (805)
• United States
19 Sep 11
I agree love hurts, whether it's true love or just a crush. I dated this guy, we rarely saw each other or talked to each other. When we did, it was always when he decided. He'd say he'd call and wouldn't or say that we'd get together and we wouldn't. It never failed, every time he would finally call me and wanted to see me, I go. The only thing I could figure out was that I was in love...even all these years later, I still feel like if he was to call and want to see me, I'd jump at the chance and risk going through the pain all over again. It's a genuine pain, and I know that if we talked I'd go through that same pain again. While I don't want to experience that pain from him again, I hate the fact that I'd be willing to give him that power again. I was so vulnerable, I said things to him that I never said to anyone else. He just never seemed to realized that I was being hurt, even if I told him I was being hurt. It's hard to love again, but I think it is possible. Some of us(myself included) need to realize that we need to take it slow to avoid being hurt, and even then we may get hurt, it's the chance we take when we love someone.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
1 Sep 11
They can choose not to take the risk anymore to get hurt or live life with all it's experiences. If they get hurt very frequently it might be useful to try to find out if it's always in the same way. If they can change that/themselves if it comes to that life will be different and so will love.
@preethaanju (3000)
• India
1 Sep 11
Yes love is pleasurable but it hurts too. it hurts when there is misunderstandings and breakups.Small fights in romance is fun that adds to the flavor of being together. But when love is infected by suspicion and cheating it hurts and hurts so much that one might even lose way in life. God forbid