Affiliate marketing

@iuliuxd (4453)
September 1, 2011 2:41am CST
How many of you have tried to sell a product through internet , or to promote a website/business on internet and what was that thing you promoted.How much money have you earned selling that product or promoting a website/business ? Do you think there are good deals you can find on internet or you will have to fool other people to earn some money ? :)
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@WakeUpKitty (8704)
• Netherlands
1 Sep 11
I tried to sell something by the internet but it was a long time ago and not really a succes. Also I was not very motivated it was just something extra to serve some customers. I did never promote the first sites I had (some I still have). No need to since I have not much to sell. They are part of my shelter (predators, skunks, ferrets). Might be there are good deals, depends on what you want to stell. I think many do fool others to earn a great income. Is your own Western Union an option?
@iuliuxd (4453)
• Romania
1 Sep 11
What was that Kitty it was a real product or just false hopes ? Maybe we can promote the ferrets shelter and raise some funds ...maybe the ferrets will become billionaire and then you can help them to write a "How i make 10,000 every day " book and we can sell it on internet