For what reason u visit police stations?

@naseemkum (1804)
September 1, 2011 1:36pm CST
As im feared to visit police stations as i dont commit any crime till and dont want myself to be in police station. I visit once when i get enquiry about my passport details. But some members always visit stations by doing something not accessible. As we always want not to indulge court police or law etc. Do u visit police stations? For what reasons?
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@GreenMoo (11842)
2 Sep 11
The last time I was in a police station was when I was trying to seek advice about how to deal with an illegal situation I was aware of and report it. The police were uninterested and not willing to either take action or give me useful advice and I must admit that I lost a lot of faith in them then.
• India
2 Sep 11
i never visited police station for doing some thing, but i visited once in my entire life, when i lost my mobile.i had been there to lodge a complaint on the person whom i suspect of stealing my mobile.finally i got it.
@tessa9 (1086)
• Philippines
2 Sep 11
I seldom visits the police station. I have never committed a crime also so I never went there as a criminal . I go there to ask for direction or other information that I might need.
@Porcospino (16584)
• Denmark
1 Sep 11
I have visited the police station a couple of times. In the past we had to go to the police station when we wanted to get a new passport, and I went there when my old passport expired. Today there is an office which takes care of passports, and the police station is not involved in those things anymore. I also visited the police station when my employer asked for a copy of my criminal records. I had to prove that I hadn't been involved in any kind of crimes in order to get the job that I wanted. The last time I visited the police station was because of my brother. His cellphone had been stolen and he was nervous about going to the police station so he asked me to join him.
@waflay (2717)
• Nairobi, Kenya
1 Sep 11
I visited the police station only once when I accompanied my brother who went there to inquire for a 'Good Conduct'. I did not like the way they treated us, making us feel guilty for greeting them as if they are not supposed to be greeted by civilians. They were generally so rude. Maybe I will visit them one more time to see how they have reformed-
@dev1506 (167)
• India
1 Sep 11
Only once I have visited to police station, when I have to Report about my lost wallet, but I didnt got it back ever.......