Solyndra closing due to "regulatory and policy uncertainties in recent months"

@bobmnu (8160)
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September 1, 2011 3:12pm CST
As another government financed Green Jobs company goes under we have to ask is green energy worth the investment of billions of government dollars? Two of the big investors of Solyndra were also bundlers (raising large amounts of smaller donations) for the President and the fact that the company received the loans with out the usual vetting process of the Department of Energy. Now the tax payer will have to eat the loans and 1,100 people are out of work. You have to wonder about the whole Green Jobs and Green Energy when you have a company like GE that got grants and tax credits to develop Green Jobs and then opened the plants in China and used the Green tax credits to off set the taxes owed in the US and made 5 billion and paid no taxes. CEO of GE is also the head of the President Jobs Committee. GE also shut down the last incandescent light bulb factory in the US - now moved to China. I beleive that we have at least 5 green companies that were funded by the government that have received tax payer loans and have now gone bankrupt or closed down. Should we go back to the earlier model of the Free Market? The market that brought us the Transistor, the Automobile, usable electricity, The Air Plane, Photography for all, Cheaper better Steel, to name a few. Back when there were few regulations, very few government grants, and a person could have an idea and build a company out of it and create jobs. Why did Solyndra and other Green Companies fail despite the massive government loans and grants - "Regulatory and policy Uncertainties". When the President met with the leaders of business and industry, to discuss job creation, their number one request was to cut the regulations. Do I have this right little or no regulations we make great leaps in technology, manufacturing, and commerce and grow one of the worlds strongest economy. We now have massive regulation right down to what kind of light bulb you can use and we are in a declining economy, massive unemployment, and unmanageable government debt. What is wrong?
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@Adoniah (7515)
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2 Sep 11
I do not think that the Government has any business creating businesses. The private sector should do that. The reason GE went offshore is because the Gov. decided that we could not use the light bulbs that we wanted to. We have to use the ones they tell us to. Now of course they have changed their minds and it is too late. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that chinese products are cheaper either. They are not. If you price check, you can almost always find an American made product of better quality at the same or cheaper price. Just look... The Government is slowly driving every American company offshore...Look at the Gibson Guitar...They just killed them this week. Why? Why does the Government (Hussein O) want to KILL America?
@bobmnu (8160)
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3 Sep 11
Given the freedom people will come up with solutions to many of our problems just as the Free Market has always done. John Rockefeller developed Kerosene as an alternative to expensive Whale Oil. Thomas Edison developed the Light Bulb which was safer than Gas Lights. Henry Ford took a play toy of the rich and made it affordable to all. Bill Gates took a machine that was very complicated to use and developed an operating system that the average person could use. The interesting thing is the Government had no hand in developing these things. These men also gave back to the public in the form of foundations to help the less fortunate.