I Made Pesto and It's Pretty Good-O!

@ronadelle (1547)
September 3, 2011 4:57am CST
Today, I experimented to cook pesto, for my husband loves pasta in just about any flavor. And so, I tried on cooking pesto for the first time. But you know, I'm always kind of very careful and fearful so as to achieve the real taste of it. LOL! But kidding aside, I think I made it! Well, you know, it's because of the help of the procedure from the box. *winks* Actually it was very simple. Cook the pasta and the pesto soup then mix together. But I made a little experiment, I mixed a little amount of evaporated milk with the pesto soup and sprinkled a little ham and cheese on top. I waited for my husband's comment upon tasting it and then teased me with an unsatisfied look on his face just to play with my face reaction as well. Haha. He said it's delicious! Anyway, it's a simple achievement for me and I know that a lot of you are good with cooking. What were the recipe that you cooked for the first time? Did you make it good or failed to do so? Share some of your experiences! ;)