What relationship killer are you guilty of?

@chiyosan (30205)
September 3, 2011 9:59am CST
1. not letting your partner meet your friends, and vice versa... 2. you freaking out on him when he does not send you a message as much as he can... 3. always trying to demand more time, you do not want to give him/her more time for his or herself. 4. you are not affectionate, you hate or is not into showing your feelings much... 5. you don't seem to connect with each other as much as you hoped for.. like you lost interest... etc.. 6. not spending time with your partner (i mean quality time) 7. others things you can think of? =)
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@neildc (17252)
• Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
7 Sep 11
when one starts nagging the other stops talking trying to hide the feeling of anger.
@WakeUpKitty (8704)
• Netherlands
3 Sep 11
Something else.. don't know if it's a relation killer: I want to spend more time alone. It nerves me if he wants to be with me day and night. It feels like a stone around my neck.
@koperty3 (1877)
3 Sep 11
I realize that we both have very busy life and sometimes we have no time to spend quality time together or we are too tired to show each other feelings. But it does not mean that we stopped to care or lost interest. I don't have a habit to freak out every time when my partner is late or don't call when he should call me or controlling him with who he talk or meet also I don't view his massages on mobile phone or open his letters. We are in relationship but also we are independent. I want to love him I don't want to suffocate him.
• United States
3 Sep 11
I don't think it is a relationship killer. I don't be around his friends and he is not around mine. I don't have too many girlfriends that I will bring over to his lace. I don't think there is any reason for me to be hanging around his friends. Now the time he spends with his friends makes me mad because it lasts for hours and they be drinking and he always drive himself home afterwards.