How do I start writing a book?

September 5, 2011 5:00am CST
Is there an online course how to write books? Where should I look?
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5 Aug 12
Write what you like the most, do some research would be good. You can find if you googling for writing book tutorial.
@gengeni (3308)
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2 Oct 11
It all starts from the idea You can find ideas anywhere, many - many are reading the books to get ideas 1. Make the first outline of your story points 2. Began to create 1-2 sentences that explain these points 3. Began to develop into a 1-2 sentence paragraph 4. Bring a story 5. Read back the results 6. If you are not satisfied, or there are errors, fix 7. When you are finished, send to publishers 8. You must be patient, because leaders can not always read a publication of all manuscripts sent people 9, If not get a reply, send again. make sure you have copies of the manuscript 10. do not send in only one publication, send to many 11. Try to keep your envelope interesting to read 12. Remember, all it needs patience
• Indonesia
7 Sep 11
The first thing is the intention and willingness. Then capabilities. but the ability can be trained. if you want to write, which must be done first is brainstorming, aka search of ideas. could from personal experience, the experience of people, or it could be free to imagine. only then write everything we want. 've finished writing, read and read again, who knows there is a need to edit both the diction and punctuation. hereafter, enter into an envelope and send it to several publishers. try to include several publishers at once if you do not have a 'name'. pending the confirmation of the publisher, continued to write again and again. practice makes perfect. happy writing!
@vikas121 (296)
5 Sep 11
I like writing then you needn't tips, coz I think book writing is a god-gift. Still you need some overview. So first think about what would be your book, I mean about personal experiences, fiction-novel, stories or whatever. Figure-out your genre. Read some good books of that genre. See the basics in those books and apply in yours. Actually book writing is a long process. As far as I am right most famous books were written in 1-2 years or even 5 years. I don't know any particular site, but if you search "tips for book writing" you may surely find some good tips. Goodluck... Enjoy...
5 Sep 11
1. Pick up pen. 2. Write. Hehehe, couldn't resist. Everyone has their own way of writing: some plan everything ahead of time, some just have an idea and start writing to see where it goes, some have stories pop into their head almost entirely complete. There is no "right" way to write a book, thankfully. Of course, that's fiction. If you're talking non-fiction, there's a lot to be said for planning beforehand: you need to make sure you cover everything in an appropriate order, don't miss anything out, check all your references, etc. If you're talking about fiction, there are TONS of blogs around, written by people who publish or self-publish, with ideas on all aspects of writing. There are also communities like Scribophile and Authonomy where you can publish and get critiques, as well as participate in the community to get help and ideas. And, of course, NaNoWriMo is coming up - under two months, wooooo! Hope it helps.