Gallstones/Curry recommendations

@drasnian (548)
September 7, 2011 9:55am CST
Hi guys, Recently I've been having stomach pains after certain foods (chinese takeaway is the most consistent) and after a particularly unhealthy weekend, I was in agony sunday night, with pain right below my rib cage, slightly to the right, round to my back, etc. The closest way I can describe it is like excessive hunger that hurts if that makes sense? Any way, long story short, I went to see the doctor Tuesday, who says it sounds quite likely I could have gallstones, but that she couldn't get me a scan for at least a month (I'm moving back to uni in a week). She basically said to cut out fatty foods, and if that's not enough to stop it hurting to go and book for a scan through the uni doctors. My confusion comes from the fact that she said if it was enough to stop the pain coming back i "might decide not to bother with a scan" but from what I've read online, doctors basically always recommend surgery since gallstones can move and cause problems, so now I'm baffled about what to do? If it is gallstones, am I okay to just live off low-fat diets, and skip surgery like she implied? As well as that, I've been eating really healthily the past few days, but tonight we're going for a curry (it's been planned for weeks, no getting out of it) - does anyone know what the lowest fat curry is? I'm terrified of setting off another attack. I'm thinking something like a rogan josh maybe? Tomato based? Obviously nothing with cream, but I hate chicken tikka which is what everyone suggests. My local does a shashlick, which has no sauce, does anyone know whether that sounds like it would be okay? I'm having a rubbish few weeks. Thanks for reading
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@KrauseHome (35517)
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7 Jan 12
Curries is not my specialty, and I know so many different places fix it so differently. There are many different types, and ways to cook it, but I know anything with chicken is usually lighter, but if this is not your specialty. Personally I would think it would be the spice that would set this off more than the amount of cream, etc. Hope you are not being as affected now with this or have seeked more Medical help as well.
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11 Sep 11
I suspect that the reason that they might not do the scan if the pain goes away is for several reasons. First, gas pain can present like many things including gallstones. Second, a stomach ulcer can also present like gallstones. If modifying your diet works, then it could be one of these, which really are mostly remedied by a change in diet. Third, gallbladder attacks can be triggered by fatty foods, so if modifying your diet works, then you might not need surgery to rectify the situation. If the change in diet does not work or your problems come back, then I suspect that they will take further action.
@oldchem1 (8144)
7 Sep 11
I had my gall bladder removed ten years ago after years of dreadful pain because of gall stones. I found that it was food with any fat in that caused me the most problems, if I had a completely fat free diet I found that the pains were a lot less regular.