What would you do if Publishers Clearing House Knocked on your door?

United States
September 14, 2011 2:41pm CST
Oh my what would I do if I heard a knock at the door and I see ballons and it's Publishers Clearing House, I might pass out for real I don't know, to see a check that is at your door step something that is bigger than you I mean really oh my gooness, I would just tell them to put a paper bag over my head because I know that my phone is going to start ringing off the hook with hey this is your cousin bubba, and tee tee and nem, LOL, and I know someone might be after me for the money so I will keep my identity a secret, I mean there is so much that I would do and be able to do, it would be wonderful to have that feeling, I would get my kids what they need put money away for them to go to college and buy a resonable house that I can pay off, not nothing I won't be able to afford down the line, because people forget when you buy a house you still have to pay the taxes on that house, every year, so something resonable but still nice, a place where my family can grow and my children can get older and always have a place to come back to when they get older. I would buy my dream truck, pay my tithes and offering, donate to charites get my credit straight I mean it won't happen in this order because I know me I will take care of the important first, and to me they all are, so I'm on the right track. Some one asked me that question, if I was to win the lottery what would I do and I said everything I said on here and the person asked why would you fix your credit you would be rich and don't have to put anything on credit, and I said " because as I won this someone can easily take it away or anything could happen and I am force to get rid of the money and incase this happens my credit will be good and I will be ok and all my debt will be paid off. So without the money I still can have immaculate credit. LOL. So what would you guys do?