Fire Sale on Fancy Desert Estates!

@estherlou (5020)
United States
September 18, 2011 12:23pm CST
Oh boy! a sale! It seems there are several mansions right outside Scottsdale, Arizona up for grabs. Some are half priced to sell. The only problem is, the cheapest one is $5.199 million! The one I'm impressed with is the home with its own gas station and movie theater! What else could anyone want! If you are in the market for your newest mansion...check it out! Bargains to be had here!
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@dragon54u (31615)
• United States
19 Sep 11
I used to live in Phoenix and they have some fabulous mansions there. I would often drive by--at a distance, you could barely get close enough to see most of them--and wonder how those people could live that way when there were children starving. Don't get me wrong, I believe it's their money and they can spend it any way they choose. I also don't know if they give to good causes so my thoughts are unfounded in facts but I look at all that excessive luxury and think of all the good one could do with that money and still live comfortably. The housing crash hit AZ hard, it was one of the first dominoes to fall. The house I was renting was listed at $350K and it was little better than a matchbox with a fancy facade. I'm sure the mansions on sale are better built!
@bagarad (12308)
• Paso Robles, California
18 Sep 11
I could just see trying to keep a mansion tidy and clean! i guess if you can afford a mansion, you can afford servants to take care of it. Right? At least there would be someplace to put all my books! I think I'm content with what I have, thanks. I've already got more than I can handle in the house department.