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@vivamir (673)
September 18, 2011 8:52pm CST
Hey fellow MYLOTTERS.. After everything... after the crappy month Im having... My best friend goes and makes it all soooo much more worse.. 12 years of friendship and NEVER have I EVER wanted to cry so much, hurt someone so much nor want to run away *all at the same time*... I feel so betrayed, manipulated and I dont know how else to explain it... but anyway, Hes in love with me... its so messed up beyond any kind of recognition... What on earth am I meant to do?... Ive tried taking my own advice, and it only gone and made things worse.. he rang me crying.. about an hour ago... I mean I want to kill him if im honest, but instead of express this, I tried to calm him down and told him well talk in the day tomorrow *after he has had a good night rest*... Im just using this more or less to rant.. but if you could spare me a few kind advice filled words- this would be awesome.. I Just feel after everything Im already going through, hes just made me feel even more alone- the last thing I need right now is a relationship..and I thought more than anyone he knew this!!!!!! I am pretty tired now.. but I just needed to vent this somewhere before I even contemplate going to sleep.. Have a good night guys!!! (",)x.
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@Hatley (164468)
• Garden Grove, California
19 Sep 11
vivar lost the whole response.copy paste. you cannot just sweep how he has betrayed and hurt you under the rug.You have got to tell him outright how you feel, how he has betrayed you and then make a clean cut with him, no lingering well maybe forget his tears and concentrate on how he has mistreated you. real friends do not do that to each other that's not love that selfishness.., so h e says he loves you and is in tears, ask him why then he had to hurt and betray you? also finally I think you should both make a final clean cut, he must go his way and you yours.
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@globaldoc (860)
• Philippines
19 Sep 11
In life, there is always the existence of the possibilities that one will get betrayed. I learned this the hard way. The persons who betrayed me are actually those closest to me. It is a sad thing in life. For this reason, I have learned to choose my close friends, and stayed away from people I do not even trust.
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19 Sep 11
That's really sad. Unrequited love is awful. Hopefully he's the kind of person that realises that if you don't return his feelings, your friendship is too important to lose. You did well keeping your head. I hope you can both get past it. You're never alone when there are people that care about you though. Stay strong.
• United States
19 Sep 11
i know how you feel there are these two men that have been close family friends for ever since i was born and then they betrayed my family and like you said thats just something else to add onto to the list of things gone wrong this month making life that much more difficult but no offense your post does not make much since so you never direcly said what was wrong so did he break up with you? and who is he? who is he that is in love with you? you never said why you are feeling hurt and betrayed and want to cry so much
@pergammano (7755)
• Canada
19 Sep 11
Hopefully, a good night's sleep will take some of the raw edges off this new dilemna! And sadly, the ball is in your court, as you, I think will have to.."under NO uncertain terms explain the these feelings are not reciprocated NOR will be!" Your relationship is STRICTLY within the parameters of friendship...and will not/can not change, as you are already challenged enough with other difficulties. I know this will be extremely hard...BUT, if you don't put a halt immediately, he may be encouraged to challenge you more. I am sorry, to be so brunt...but your sanity is at stake, here! I wish you the best!