yellow ruled pad

September 19, 2011 5:10am CST
Do you still use the yellow ruled pad or scratch papers in making your draft letters. With the advent of the computers and the latest technology everybody seemed to be using the computers to prepare letters as it is easy to check and make changes. But sometimes I found it more reliable to use the paper in making draft as I can still recall the wordings that I think is best to be used.
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@peavey (15967)
• United States
19 Sep 11
No, I don't use scratch paper to write letters, but I use it for lists of all kinds. I'd be lost without my lists and there's something satisfactory about marking off things that I've accomplished. You can't do that on a computer. As to being reliable, a computer will save your work whenever you want it to. Some programs will "undo" forever, so you can go back to the original if you've saved something you really didn't want to. I've learned to save things every couple of minutes so I don't lose them.
• Philippines
20 Sep 11
Thanks for the response. It really is a waste of time sometimes using those scratch papers but for some of your daily reminders, shopping lists and the like, that papers will do wonder.
@secretbear (19466)
• Philippines
20 Sep 11
Hi bagumbayan! I don't use papers anymore when I'm making draft letters. Just like you said, it's more convenient to type directly into the computer because it's easier to make changes and when you print it, it's clean without any erasure and you will only have to use one paper for it. I mean, if you use a paper and write on it, sometimes you'll make so much erasures that you will have to use another paper to rewrite what you've written. But the other night, I wrote my draft contents for my poster project at school in my notebook. I did not want to type in the computer that night (because I was watching a movie ). I just felt I needed to write it in my notebook instead of my computer. And then yesterday, I transferred what I've written in my notebook, to the computer and then made my draft of my poster.