Do you have a weird Fashion sense?

@JosephP (1118)
September 22, 2011 7:43pm CST
I have friends that wear sweaters with rabbit ears and tails on them and shoes of all sorts of colors. Do you have a fashion sense that is not very common? What makes you feel free enough to wear what you want?
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• Philippines
5 Nov 11
rabbit ears hairband and fall sweaters would be a likely scene in South Korea right now. My mom says I do have weird fashion sense. When I help dress up my sisters for some gatherings, I would pick very girly styles. But if I go out, I would be mixing some masculine and feminine elements. For example, my everyday look would be jeans and sneakers, mixed with dainty clip and pastel-colored shoulder bag.
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
24 Sep 11
I am not sure. I don't think I do but others may think otherwise.
@rappeter13 (5298)
• Romania
23 Sep 11
I wear what I like, I don't care for the so called trend or fashion, which is dictated by some clothes creators. If I like a piece of cloth, I will wear it, no matter if is trendy or not, if others like it or not. For me it is important that I have to like it, not others.
@thatgirl13 (7306)
• South Korea
23 Sep 11
Hehe to be honest, things you have mentioned here are pretty common in our place and they are mostly what we the youngsters like here. i have a bunch of sweaters and pullovers with earns in them and now there are even trousers with ears but I don't have those. And the colourful shoes, I love them. They aren't considered weird here