Akhtar's view on sachin and dravid

September 23, 2011 8:23pm CST
Akhtar's views were strongly condemnable.Sachin and Dravid were the pillars of indian batting for so many years. Akhtar , you should know that both were known for their disciplined way of playing cricket.You have termed Sachin and Dravid as poor finishers, it only makes me to laugh about your cricketing brain.
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@AKRao24 (21388)
• India
24 Sep 11
Hello Dear Jeyaprakaash! Akhtar is now retired and is not getting any lime light! When he used to play cricket he used to be in the news if not for his good things but for his bad things! He is the man who in fact brought down fall to the Pakistani team and he could never ever could enjoyed good popularity amongst the cricket fans! Now seeing that he is being forgotten by the people he has come up with the book in which he has made many allegations against the famous Crickets like a Kid!!!! This is nothing but a publicity stunt he is doing to catch the attention of media and people like us who would respond to his misdeeds! There by he may be in the news for a while in his gloomy retired days! If he deliberately selected these top class bats men, so that he will get more publicity! It is natural that ordinary players wouldn't have drawn so much of publicity what he is getting today because of his attack against Tendulkar and Dravid! He has been a famous manipulator for which he is known Worldwide and this is just another manipulation he is making to have the attention of the people! Believe me he won't be in a position to actually sell even a thousand copies of his book, as this statement has already given the authenticity of the book what he has written! Yes like every one else he also has got the freedom of expression and he may utilise it to make some cheap publicity! But at the end he won't get any benefits out of it!!!! Now, the whole World knows about the capabilities of these two big players viz. Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid! I think it would be a disgraceful thing to take their names here in this context as these players have a special position in the game of Cricket! So it is better not to talk anything about these players here! In conclusion what all I would say is that Akhtar again has proved the old proverb 'Barking Digs seldom bite!' here once again and let us not give much importance to such silly behaviour of his to give him a cheap publicity for which in fact he planned the whole thing for! Thanks a lot for the discussion! I liked participating in it!
@ram_cv (16516)
• India
24 Sep 11
I think the book is correctly named as "Controversially Yours". I think Akhtar has made all these statements to rake up controversies that can help the book sell. So in short it is a publicity gimmick. Sachin has responded well by stating that it is below his dignity to comment on such statements. Cheers! Ram