German Army Hops Aboard Peak Oil

United States
September 27, 2011 10:14am CST
Two military planning organisations went public with studies predicting that serious consequences from oil depletion with dire consequences. These two were later followed up by a draft from a German army study, which went into greater detail about the oil shortfall and what would happen because of it. An author at Godlike Productions gave a more sensational, easier to read run down on just what this report meant to the average Joe. The Peak Oil Crisis: The German Army Report Godlike Productions German Army Report: Economy shrinking indefinitely According to the Godlike Productions' 'debrief' of the report, there would be a permanent contraction of the global economy, making food and transport unaffordable for many. This is in spite of any and all alternative energy sources up and running or in the experimental stages. I however foresee a slightly different outcome, despite being an average Nose. Should an energy crunch hit the United States much less the planet, I see a triage happening. First, private transportation would see its supply of gas cut down or curtailed before agriculture will get any hit from Peak Oil. Then, if needed, those luxury goods, such as milk and meat will be cut down. There will be a burst of inventive activity in the private sector in the United States and other countries to create alternative sources of fuel. As it is we are already seeing things like electric cars, windmills, and solar panels and there is no emergency yet. I just glanced at my solar radio as I type this.
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