Why is the " interests" section in mylot so complicated?

@buddha3 (1029)
September 28, 2011 9:57pm CST
Hi, I am a newbie here. I find the INTERESTS section very confusing. We can't create an interest and should search for one to post our discussion. That's ok. But yesterday I wanted to start a discussion on Television Reality shows and tried adding Television shows to my interests. But there are "interests" for many shows and channels and we should select from the list. I couldn't do it because I had to discuss about reality shows IN GENERAL and not about a particular show or channel! So I posted it in question and answers..!
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@owlwings (39758)
• Cambridge, England
29 Sep 11
The Interests section is confusing simply because anyone CAN create a new Interest. Unfortunately, it is not (and never has been) organised as logically as the categories in Yahoo Answers and other similar forums and because anyone at all can create a new Interest, there are MANY duplications, inconsistencies and even spammy categories. It is, perhaps, one of the areas of MyLot which most needs revising. It is a good feature which seems to have never been properly worked out and has become more of a hazard than a help.
@buddha3 (1029)
• India
30 Sep 11
Oh, yes. It's so messy that we lose patience in searching for a right category to post our discussions and end up posting it anywhere, anyway. It really needs to be rectified so that it's more organised.