I never saw my yougest son studying.

September 29, 2011 12:03pm CST
I never saw my youngest son studying at home. But it surprise me he passed all his major subjects, and he commited that he failed in one minor subject because he find the teacher boring and ineffective. Well i never get angry or express feelings of sadness that he failed in one subject instead i encourage him to do what's right and not be selfish.
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• Philippines
1 Oct 11
I guess you are lucky that your son takes initiative at studying. I know a lot of kids who don't even try to read their assignments and a lot of despairing parents who coax, threaten or bribe their child just to take look at their books or even go to school every day. I can relate your son's judgement about his teacher. There are certainly many teachers out their who lack the passion, the patience and the dedication in teaching. However, perhaps, the 'boring and ineffective' are just your son's opinion towards his teacher. If his classmates can collaborate the story, then the teacher is the one lacking in the interaction. You taken the best step in regards to your son's failure. Though there might be a lot of elements that might affect the failure, there is no path but to go forward.
@LifeGuru (923)
• Canada
29 Sep 11
Do what you feel is right as a mother... Give the kid some time that it's not the end of the world for messing up in one subject. He still has a change to improve! My younger brother studies at ease but when he messes up in a subject he gets thrown off the success wagon and does what it takes to succeed again... As for me, if I get one fail... I will mess up the rest of the subject since I take things too hard on myself. But I managed to pass college no problem, but the college has ripped me off! I scored a 92% on my bookkeeping but the director of the college gave me a 70% just to pass me since I had requested to retake the subject since I did not feel like I was strong enough in the subject. There isn't anything I can do about it, so I do not recommend people going to that college since it's not that great and they do not accredit their subjects as an entrance thing for other colleges for an upgrade. Try to reward your son for his efforts... Cheer him up a little.
@Rosa26 (2620)
• United States
29 Sep 11
Hello Cristina. It means your son can get the class very easy. while there are students that to caught the class have to have tutor besides the teacher in the school, and have to make extra practice to acquire the knowledge,your son doesn't needs that. I hope you and him take advantage of it and get into a good university to become a good professional.