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United States
September 29, 2011 12:32pm CST
If there is a home business out there, I have tried it. I have done everything from door to door selling, buying real estate with no money down and now this. It seems like the only ones who become rich are the ones who are selling the pipe dreams. Out of curiosity, why did you join this site? Are you hoping to get rich?
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@walking2010 (1009)
• United States
30 Sep 11
Everyone is always looking for a way to make money, but one thing we all have to understand is that everything takes time nothing is going to happen over night, or the next day and I am a living witness of that, life is crazy at time but here on the internet just imagine how many people surf the net, it's so many people here that is making money the key is try to find out what the secret is? When I first joined this site i didn't take it serious I thought it was one of those trap sites waist your time sites, but when i came back to this site I met people from everywhere I mean you can find out so much information on here it's not crazy, and if you got something to promote or website you can put it on your profile, and you can express how you feel and people respond!! I mean it's so many things to do here you will be surprised. The only way I found out that supernatural was back on was because someone posted it here. I mean you can get people that like the same football team like you, it's crazy!! but get up here and have fun... lol
@tyleika (232)
• United States
8 Oct 11
I know thats right,lol. Its also fun to see many response to the questions you may have just about life. To me this site is only what you make it out to be but the key is to meet new people and make friends. The money that you get from it is just a bouns. Enjoy this site, it will drive you crazy on the info. you can get from it.