How much do you learn?

@JosephP (1118)
September 29, 2011 5:54pm CST
Some people learn from their life experiences. Others read many books and study what they want to know. Which are you? Are you street smart and avoid the books, do you enjoy reading books but have little practical experience or are you a mixture of both?
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@kaypow (69)
• Canada
6 Nov 11
I actually do not learn best from either of these two options. I find that I learn best when something is explained to me by a teacher, especially one who is able to make the subject matter interesting and does not sound like he or she has just memorized the textbook and is mindlessly spewing it out. However, if I had to pick between "street smart" and "book smart", I would probably call myself book smart, simply because that is how I have been forced to learn all my life, and I have little experience with learning things through practical work.
@Porcospino (18601)
• Denmark
1 Nov 11
I love to read and I often learn new things from the books that I read or the websites that I visit. I am interested in a lot of different topics and when I visit the library I like to borrow books about topics that I don't know much about. I also like to experiment and when I have to learn something practical I usually read a bit about at first and then I experiment and try to learn a new skill that way. I use a process of trial and error and if I get stuck and if I can't figure out how to do the new things on my own, I look for information online and try again when I know a bit more about the topic.
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
2 Oct 11
I hate reading. I mainly pay attention to things I see and hear and learn from it that way or hands on if possible.
@rappeter13 (5298)
• Romania
1 Oct 11
I think I am a mixture of both.There are things which can be learned only in practice, in real life, and there are many things which are learned from books and then consolidated in practice. The way we resolve our daily problems is learned mostly on real life experience, but things we need to know about our jobs, our careers are learned both ways, firstly from the books and then from the practice.
@r03249 (357)
• Philippines
1 Oct 11
Hi JosephP. I am a mixture of both. :) I learn a lot from my life experience and from the books the I have read before. There are things that you cannot learn simply by reading books and there are some human experiences that you can never feel bu t can read in a book. I believe it's not a question of how much. It's a matter of have you learned anything from it. :) Have a great day!
@mantis36 (4237)
• Philippines
30 Sep 11
its a mixture of both, and the actual situations of street too you can learn, current situations on the street where everyone is busy in order to live on this world to the fullest...
@huilichan8 (1379)
• Singapore
29 Sep 11
I'm a mixture of both. I learn from books as well as life experiences, but I think I learn more from books than from life experiences.