To Think That One Could Actually Get Away With It

September 29, 2011 9:24pm CST
I am sure a lot of you are familiar with names like Imogen Thomas, Jennifer Thomson, Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubs and the list goes on to the latest Sara Leal. That's right, these are the various girls that were involved with engaged or married celebrities from one night stands to affairs and eventually threaten their partners that they will reveal exclusive details of their flings and/or affairs to the highest media bidder. All of a sudden these affairs have taken on a new level and escalated into a game of ultimate blackmail. Suddenly, the legal circle is coming up gagging laws to gag at the expense of these cheating offenders. I couldn't really believe what I am reading and/or happening nowadays with people who thought they can go on a one stand or commit adulterous affairs behind their committed partner's back and get away with it. Who do they think they are? I am even more concern about these celebrities as they go about preaching a dangerous and deceitful lifestyle. What role models? Are we on a moral decline?
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@zandi458 (27952)
• Malaysia
30 Sep 11
It doesn't only involved the hollywood celebrities. But our own local celebrities are doing likewise. Their high public profiles have made them susceptible to immoralities. I think that is part of these celebrities publicity stunt. The entertaining world has become so competitive that they have to get the media attention to be popular in the wrong way. The media love to publicize their affairs to make their papers sell well. These celebrities have no qualms when they have affairs, it gave them column inches when their affairs are made public. Their wheels of fortune start to spin right after.
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• Singapore
2 Oct 11
zandi458, As a celebrity, I feel they should know that they are actually role models not by choice and that they have to answer to their supportive fans who have faith and look up to them from time to time. I know that paparazzi and tabloid will have a thing for bad publicity and as such they should be more conscientious with their image they project in the public.
@srjac0902 (1170)
• Italy
30 Sep 11
When the celebrities present a role model that alarms the public, these celebrities may laugh and enjoy their revange. Finally they may come to the consciousness for the conscious is the abode of righteousness, then even if one attempts to cover it up like the ash on the fire, the fire still butns at the bottom and so is the reighteousness. When man comes to his moral consciousness let it not be too late.
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• Singapore
1 Oct 11
srjac0902, I see your point and I have to agree with you how little or no sense of responsibility when these celebrities decide to be careless or negligent with the life off screen or outside and treat their misdemeanors ever so lightly. However, I cannot help recalling that these celebrities actually have a moral clause in their contracts and I wonder why companies have not been enforcing it when they should be. At least, it would keep them and their behavior in tact. Failure to do so will just bring about dire consequences when there are blind followers who believes that it is alright because their idols are doing it. Liken to lighted ash under a pile it won't be long when consequences start catching up with all of us.