I love my parents as well as my lover

@singuri (571)
September 30, 2011 11:23am CST
I love parents a lot even i respect them for all the things they gave in my life.as i grown up i got my girl who is more lovable and understandable.But to marry her my parents are not accepting.I tried in all the ways to convince my parents but it was not successful. Can any one please give any ways to convince my parents. I can't marry any other girl except her.
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@GemmaR (8526)
30 Sep 11
I know that it's very hard when your parents don't approve of the person you've chosen to spend the rest of your life with. I am in the same position at the moment and my Father doesn't like my partner at all. Your family need to learn to love your girlfriend, so you should try to invite her informally to your house and allow her to chat with them then they'll soon see what a lovely person she is. Obviously you don't want to fall out with your family, as they are the ones who have been there for you ever since you were born.
• India
30 Sep 11
Hello my dear friend today your condition is same like it was my. My parents was also against love marriage, but now i have done love marriage and i am happy with my husband and my parents are with me also previously no parent can allow their child to do love marriage but you have to convince them that you cannot live without that girl and i do respect you too i want both and you just meet that girl and if you wont like you tell like that but just meet once convince them for meeting that girl and tell that girl be prepared and what are the ways you have convince your parent tell
@jaiho2009 (39000)
• Philippines
30 Sep 11
That is really hard situation then. Caught between parents and love. Try to convinced them, I am sure every parents wants their kids to be happy always. They will surely understand, just try to explain and you will know.
30 Sep 11
Don't convince them: marry her (assuming she wants to, of course, given that your parents won't like her). It's YOUR choice who you spend your life with, not theirs. If my lady's parents hated me, that'd just be too bad for them. I'd do my best to be likeable and, at the very least, polite and respectful but it wouldn't make any difference: I'd still want the same lady. (Thankfully, they don't hate me.)