Feelings of first income in life.

September 30, 2011 11:59am CST
As a doctor when I received fees from my first patient in the chamber I had a peculiar sensation all over my body and also in the mind which I cannot explain in words but I can vividly visualize the moment and I am sure I would never forget it in life because it was my first professional income. What’s about you either as a professional or as a service holder or as a business man or as anything else?
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@toniganzon (54005)
• Philippines
6 Oct 11
Since my family have our own little company, i got employed a little late in life and i had to debate with my family about that as well as they wouldn't allow me to get a job at all. So when i got my very first salary i was too excited and was too happy that i didn't mind how much it was at all. IN fact it was too small but that really made me so happy.
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
3 Oct 11
The first actual income that I ever had in my life was when I was a teenager and babysitting some of the younger children that lived in my neighborhood. When I was handed my first cash for keeping an eye on children, I was extremely happy. I loved babysitting because I've always loved children and it really was quite an affirmation to me that I would be able to make money doing something that I also really enjoyed.
@beingwell (3625)
• Thailand
3 Oct 11
I love receiving money. I don't really recall what I felt when I received my income for the very first time. I'm sure I was excited to buy new stuffs!hahaha!!
@anil02 (4115)
• India
1 Oct 11
No doubt it is a special moment of life when we received our first earning. I recived my earning as salary from a chartered Accountant. I was share my first earning with my family members.
@kingparker (9698)
• United States
1 Oct 11
About my first income, I can't remember exactly. When I was still a teen, I was working at a Chinese restaurant as a busboy, and I earn that money for the first time, and I was exciting, and I love to earn more for the future. Later, I used all that money for video games, and others miscellaneous spending.
@celticeagle (121096)
• Boise, Idaho
30 Sep 11
I remember the first time I received money for my writing and how excited and happy I was. It is such a good feeling of accomplishment. I was a professional writer and I was very proud. I think we spend alot of time at our crafts and when we finally receive payment for it we finally feel it all worth while.
30 Sep 11
It is really a sensitive thing. I got the first income, when i was studying in the college. I got a cheque as the money. When I was showing the cheque to my dad, i have seen the tears in his eyes. I felt very proud about myself.
@savypat (20246)
• United States
30 Sep 11
The first income that really impressed me was for the first job that I got all by myself. My family had nothing to do with it and I was on my own. I just couldn't believe that anyone would want me and pay me to do what to me seemed like an easy job. In my first job I had to type long documents with 8 copies all at once, my typing had to be very good to do this. I hated typing like that, but I made myself read every document that I worked on. By doing this I gave myself an education, after 4 months I had someone typing for me and I was in a business that took me all the way through my career for 30 years. I stumbled into it and came out like a rose.