"Don't Give Up"

October 2, 2011 9:14am CST
"if you give up too soon, u'll never know what u'll be missing..don't stop wen you are tired,stop only wen your done...aGree???
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@Badkid (235)
• Philippines
30 Nov 12
Yeah right! I wont give up!..I'll be strong,I'll be brave! You be strong too.. we should never give up until we succeed..
@ekoytyas (4671)
• Indonesia
11 Oct 11
never give up is one secret key for people who want to be success
@maximax8 (28925)
• United Kingdom
8 Oct 11
I almost gave up learning to drive a car because it took so many years. I began learning to drive a car and found steering difficult. As I got more experienced I didn't get on well reversing whilst turning a corner. I failed my practical driving test four or five times. It was very upsetting and disappointing. I moved to a different area and got a driving instructor that undermined my confidence. I took lots of driving lessons, bought my own car for extra practice and tried my hardest. I remember going on my trip to Bulgaria and when I came home I had given up learning how to drive. I took my car off the road and didn't drive at all. A year later my disabled son was born. At his playgroup for disabled children someone told me about the Family Fund. I saw that they offered a package of driving lessons and the driving tests. So I filled out the application form. Amazingly I got given a free package of driving lessons and driving tests. I had a wonderful driving instructor and he told me how to reverse in an easy way. He increased my confidence and I got my car back on the road for extra practice. Amazingly the second practical driving test I passed. My life is so much easier now I can drive my car.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
2 Oct 11
No I don't agree. It depends on what it is if you go on with it. And nothing is worth a bad health. Going on when you are tired/broke is one of the worst advices you can give anyone. Also you should know what is in your reach. People are different and we all are not capable to do the same. You goal should be one you can reach sooner or later. If you only have goals you never can reach you better have a closer look at yourself. Also.. what is giving up too soon for one person is not too soon for an other one. People are different.
@judelen (428)
• Philippines
2 Oct 11
Hello! It seems that your topic is very encouraging. Yes it's true, in our situation today, wherever you are in this world, everything you can see and observe is that, life is so difficult, difficult in the since that, people were all in a hurry, easy to get mad, not healthy and almost all things now are in control. So in this kind of environment I should say that no time time to give up, because if you give up you are looser. Go for your life step by step to achieve your goal with your Gods help.
• Philippines
2 Oct 11
richie:) your true dont give up..try and try until u succeed...