Wikipedia Italian, closes? A grave loss to the knowledge !!

@alberello (4755)
October 5, 2011 6:13am CST
At this time in Italian Wikipedia may no longer be able to continue to provide that service which, over the years and that was useful to you now, as usual, you were looking for. The page you wanted to read and there is only hidden, but there is a risk that you will soon be forced to remove it really. The Bill - Rules on Wiretapping etc.. P. 24, letter a) provides: "For computer sites, including newspapers and magazines distributed by electronic means, the statements are published or corrections, within forty-eight hours of a request with the same demographic characteristics, the same methodology and the same access to the site's visibility news to which they refer. " Over the past 10 years, Wikipedia has become part of the habits of millions of Internet users in search of a knowledge-neutral, free and above all free. A new, immense and free multilingual encyclopedia. Today, unfortunately, the pillars of this project - neutrality, freedom, and verification of its contents - are likely to be severely compromised by paragraph 29 of the so-called DDL interceptions. I personally am suffering a lot for this loss,Wikipedia avoided to me to spending much time looking for some definition to me interesting. My hope is that the media free encyclopedia, goes back to being what it was before. Internet without Wikipedia lacks a "brick" important. Incidentally you know, the Italian laws ... no comment !!
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@rappeter13 (5298)
• Romania
5 Oct 11
How can this happen? Wikipedia has helped me many times, it is one of the best sites whenever we need something. Of course, it has flaws, but I cannot imagine the world of Internet without Wikipedia. Has the Italian Government shut it down? Or what was the main reason for that?
@alberello (4755)
• Italy
5 Oct 11
Well to be sincere that cause i don't know exactly. Hovever you can go on and read the full explaination.
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
10 Oct 11
I am very sorry to hear that. Hope they can make something else to take the place of it or bring it back.
@anklesmash (1416)
5 Oct 11
Its a protest against a censorship law that was being debated at the time in the italian parliament.It is thought likely to inflict severe limitations on the "horizontal" freedom of access and editing that is common to Wikimedia projects.This the first time a wikipedia has done this kind of protest and has been officially supported by the wikimedia foundation.