how can i get a friend to forgive me?

@redik11 (131)
October 7, 2011 10:43am CST
i just did something that will not be easy to fix, i kinda said something on World of Warcraft that made him ignoring me. how do iget him to forgive me?
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@ores12 (53)
11 Oct 11
apologize and admit that you're sorry and think of the best way that he/she can forgive you. Maybe give him some space and time
@tpisces (66)
• United States
7 Oct 11
the best way how you can you can deal with this situation is by you understanding why he got upset/angry then apologize. You can never go wrong w/ apologizing
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
7 Oct 11
If it's a real/true friend he will forgive you since he will understand how you feel. It's easy to say you are sorry, it's easy to say you accept but in reality it takes time to forget (which is really forgive). I think showing you are sorry and wrong is the only thing to do, which means you are honest and admit. You don't need to have long chats about that or give all kind of excuses why or what or how it came that far. A real friend will know and forgive you (in time). If not it's not a real friend. This is sad but this is the way it is. We all are human beings, we all make mistakes (for one reason or an other).
• United States
7 Oct 11
To be honest it depends on what you have said, and who all knows it was said about this person. If you want to be forgiven you need to ask this person for that and if there is something you need to do to be forgiven. Such as letting others know on this site what you said was not right and that you appoligize for such behaviour and you will not do it again. Realize that if others saw this, others will change their opinion of you as well. Just depends on what was said and how much this has hurt others.
• United States
7 Oct 11
Tell them you truly are sorry and that you won't say whatever you said about them again and that you didn't mean to hurt their feelings.
@Amfyre (515)
• Canada
7 Oct 11
Apologize and if you are forgiven accept it but if you ask to beforgiven and your friend chooses not to forgive you then perhaps your friend never really was your friend to begin with.
@umabharti (3976)
• India
7 Oct 11
Try to say a sorry or ask for forgiveness from heart,may be u can fix it,and get him back.If ignoring continues then you should make ur self ready to be left on someday by him,If you really care then try to sort out the thing which u did for making such ignorance come towards u.