have you ever alone ?

@chenee08 (591)
October 9, 2011 12:22am CST
I'm not a perfect friend, I sometimes hurt them unconsciously but god knows how much i respect and value them. I and my friend worked online and there's this one job that we shared. I'm not saying I'm the only one who worked hard for few month but there were times that i am the one who work and he always has his reasons why he can't work and it came to a time that i was so fed up. I told a friend that i was stressed, that i was so tired with the work but i didn't say anything about him or complained about how he worked.But, last saturday, when we met he just ignored me like he didn't see me and i was really hurt. few days ago i received a message from him like i should tell him about task for today and he overheard something blah blah blah. I felt so alone since i know he keep on telling my friend about the issue but instead of hearing my side All of our friend didn't dare to ask me.
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@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
11 Oct 11
So if I understand it well this is the case: you and your friend do some work together and you are doing most of the work and your friend is doing less (might be he is not feeling that much responsible about the work as you do?). Do you ever have a reason not to work? What will happen if you refuse to accept a job or say you can't make it now? So you told a friend you are stressed because... and this message was told to the friend you work with. He is angry or insulted because according to him you just need to ask for help or? If this is the case ask for help or do give him the work. Might be childish in your ears but the fact is he doesn't care if you do so and he is not able or interested enough to see what has to be done. Also, as long as you doing all the work and things are going fine there is no need for him to work (since you do it all yourself). Friends who have no time or room or don't dare to ask you what is going on are no friends at all But it also can be possible they don't need to ask you because they already know who is the hardest worker. I have to tell you something about people who are always responsible, always do what is asked of them, hard workers, they are seldom beloved. They make people who don't work that hard or perfect feel terrible. Also it's possible that if you are always able to solve and do everything there is no room/space left over for them to be active.
• Philippines
9 Oct 11
Just try to ask him about what he heard. Ask him why he ignores you. It is not good to keep doing the work when you shared the salary. It is really good to confront him about that one. You need to be honest to tell him but first of course you need to set a time for both of you to talk. It is really good to solve the problem face to face.It is better because it really comes from your own mouth. When that happens, be very honest to tell him every thing or else it still get unsettled. Being alone is a part and parcel of our life for us to grow. I also tried to be alone many times when my friends rejected me.