Is it Compulsory to have exams ?

United Arab Emirates
October 9, 2011 11:02am CST
My exams Have started recently. Accordingly to the atmosphere , no one is ready for it nor any1 likes it including me. Just hate it when the exams start at this part of the year. It is during this time of the year that most of the entertaining parties and exhibition takes place. I cant attend these parties due to these examinations. I believe this examinations shouldnt take place at all. They should have weekly tests instead. This weekly tests can atleast help the students to keep in touch with the studies whereas examinations keep a mindset on students to have to study and the complete the portions 1 week before. This causes them to have pressure. Which is a Huge problem on students in the last moment. What do you think about this Should there be exams or not??
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@bounce58 (17524)
• Canada
13 Oct 11
I think this 'atmosphere' that you are referring to is trying to teach you a very important lesson. Not that you have to read and prepare for your exams, but trying to teach students the value of prioritizing. Yes, there are parties and exhibitions going on, but you have to take stock in evaluate which would be more important for you later on. I hope you made the right choice. Unfortunately, yes I think they are compulsary.
@ardoy0731 (6865)
• Philippines
9 Oct 11
I think there should be exams because it serves as assessment to each student on what they really learn in school.How far they have gone in their studies.And make each student work hard on their studies.